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Disco Diva

It was my son’s 6th birthday and being one of my most demanding clients I was told that he wanted a disco with lots of groovy tunes where he could invite all his buddies…. Yes all 30 of them!!!. Now as any of us mum’s know keeping a room of 30 children entertained was never going to be an easy task. However as I love to organise a good party I was ready for the challenge. I was lucky enough to enlist the help of my website designer to put together the invites check out her work on www.michellefiedler.com

On the day we decorated the hall with some amazing disco banners, dimmed the lights and Denika our Disco entertainer gave the kids an afternoon to remember. She was fantastic not only did she get them playing games and having dancing competitions but she was also trained as a professional facepainter. Whilst the kids were eating she made an area where they could have some face or hand painting.

I gave Denika a playlist of songs which were carefully chosen by the birthday boy himself. From this list the children (and adults) limbo danced to Abba and in teams they were wrapped up in toilet paper to the beats of Michael Jacksons Thriller. It was a complete hit with the children don’t just take my word for it have a look at their faces below as they say ‘a captured moment says a thousands words’

Harvey and his pals have a love for sugary things as do most children and I knew he and his friends would really enjoy being served Candy Floss from an authentic Candy Floss machine. Well the kids loved it and our fantastic supplier provided the children with an unlimited amount of Candy Floss during the party as well as giving them all a bag to take home with them.

After all that dancing it was time for food and of course the cake. This amazing Disco Diva cake was produced by the Cake Store in London www.thecakestore.co.uk

Well my little Disco Diva was all partied out by the end and his guests all seem suitably pleased with their goodie bags which consisted of a CD with Harvey’s favourite tunes on as well as a blow up guitar, a disco bangle from Denika and of course their bag of Candy Floss.

Happy Birthday my little Disco Diva x

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